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Members of Classes Graduating
from 1910-1919



Belle Dale

Minnie Sherman

Elmer Stevens



Alta Chenhall

Harold Irwin

Charles ("Bert") McCrory

Ruth  McCrory

Gladys Riley

Rilla Smith

Edna Wheeler

Elma Whemple



LeRoy Chenhall

George Hemmingson

Mildred Irwin

Arthur Karr

Elizabeth Steele

Howard Weis



Velma Brown

Helen Dale

Agnes Heideman

Malcom R. ("Bob") Irwin

Fred Marienau

Harold Masters

Alta Wright



Myrtle Johnston

Loran Savage

Lela Tilford

Melvin Wheeler



Alma Crouse

Grace Dale

Ruth  Houlton

Alvin Karr

Emma Lindenman

Oren Riter



Ruth  Bartlett

Henrietta ("Etta") Braaks

Florence Brown

Ara Crouse

Deane Grau

Edith Lindenman

Mae McKee

Rose Miller

Edwin ("Jake") Morrison

O. Glenn Satterlee

Henrietta Stegeman



Brownlow Farrand

Lola Lean

Kathryn McCaughan

Roscoe Morrison

Wylie Satterlee

Iona Wing



Edith Brown

Velda Collins

Ralph Irwin

Rose Lindenman

Curtis Nuoffer

Harold Peterson

Florence Pierce



William Bartlett

John Chenhall

Lester Crouse

Ernest Ehlers

Lillian Hemmingson

Mable Johnston

Edward Ketchum

Doris Lumley

Pearl Riter

Hazel Smith

Archibald Stewart

Rena VanDyke



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