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Members of Classes Graduating
from 1920-1929



Tena Herman

Blanche Knowlton

Lulu Nuoffer



Bernice Bailey

Arthur Collins

Gertrude Halley

Myrtle Hemmingson

Anna Hilton

Mae Houlton

Grace Irwin

Francis McNally

Glen Miller

Roland Morrison

Arthur Opdahl

Claude Parrott

Andrew Pereboom

Lola Riter

Mable Smith



Dora Bartlett

Florence Brown

Ernest Goodmanson

Ben Holtdorf

Colin Johnson

Lucille Miller

John Mueller

Vera Mueller

Mary Noon

Laura Onken

Erling Opdahl

Hermina Reinhart

Rosena Ricklefs

Glen Ziel

Hubert Zilm



Amanda Hemmingson

Ila Houlton

Dorothy Johnson

Clinton Knowlton

Clara McCrory

Lawrence McNally

Lewis Meyer

Kenneth Miller

Viola Miller

William Mueller

Andy Onken

Elmer Thomas



Dora Andrieson

Frances Brown

Guy Craik

Donald Halley

Helma Heidbrink

Morris Kluter

Martha Lindenman

Nellie Morrison

Mable Reid

Frances Reinhart

Amanda Richardson

Inez Riter

Marie Schouten

June Shoemaker

Evelyn Struble



Dorothea (Dorothy) Carpenter

Kenneth Collins

Blanche Coons

Susan DeVries

Orin Franke

Alfred Goodmanson

Helen Halley

Milton Heusinkveld

Myrtle Holtdorf

Clara Lindenman

Florence McNally

Orville Mueller

Henry Nyhof

Clara Opdahl

Sophia Ricklefs

Abraham (Abe) Schouten

Clifford Thomas

Velda Wellnitz

Holis Wills



Howard Benson

Adelia Black

Ester Brown

Bernice Bushby

Mary DeRaad

Vernon Earl

Lewis Goodmanson

Arthur Johnston

Winifred Karr

Arthur Kluter

Leona Kluter

Blanche McCrory

Glenn McCrory

Marian Miller

Luella Morrison

Florence Noon

Harold Oloff

George Westre



Glen Campbell

LeRoy Heusinkveld

Helen Houlton

Ione Houlton

Walter Lindenman

Mary Mellies

Florence Opdahl

Florence Ricklefs

Fern Satterlee



Reuben Bartlett

Bernard Goodmanson

Mildred Karr

Bernice McNally

Erlene Parrott

Hulda Schmidt

Hazel Struble

Bertha Webinga

Ellen White

Bernice Wills



Velda Benson

Edna Bergsma

Lulu Black

Kathryn Braaks

Nellie Drost

Beatrice Eilts

Theodore (Ted) Hoogland

Margaret Karr

Marjorie Kuecker

Paul Lendt

Gilbert Lindenman

Helen Nanninga

Eileen Rohlfs

Ruth  Schmidt

Elvira Toenjes

Harold Twillman

Mildred Wells

Madge White

Esther Winterfeld

Violet Worcester




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Misc Photos

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Class Photos

Class Photos

Class Photos

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