The following veterans of the Civil War settled in Reading, Washington, Eagle and Center Townships in Sioux County, Iowa.  Some stayed for the remainder of their lives. Others moved on to new locations and opportunities.


We have collected photos of only 16 of 57 veterans who settled here. Please feel free to contact the Ireton Area Historical Society if you would like information about any of the Ireton Area Veterans. We would also greatly appreciate receiving additional photos and biographical information to add to our Veteran's project.


‚ÄčCharles Fletcher Bailey (1842-1925)Company E5th Iowa InfantryLevi Morris Black (1842-1924)57th Indiana InfantryJohn Brown (1827-1910)6th Pennsylvania Heavy ArtilleryWilliam Bushby (1834-1914)3rd Wisconsin InfantryRev. Jesse Cole (1840-1913)Chaplain, Company B8th Wisconsin InfantryJohn Cutler Emery (1844-1924)Company K33rd Wisconsin Volunteer InfantryJames Everhart (1822-1895 )Company E51st Ohio InfantryPorter Fosburg (1838-1914)141st Pennsylvania InfantryFrederick Franke (1839-1920)Company D27th Iowa VolunteersRichard Garrett (1834-1921)Company K16th Wisconsin InfantryCharles (Carl William) Hennrich1844-193727th Iowa InfantryWilliam Morgan (1842-1915)Company I6th Iowa CavalryJohn Wesley Satterlee (1840-1925)Wisconsin VolunteersBreaking Prairie Sod in Sioux County. Circa 1890 photo.15Martin Suter (1820-1917)Company G4th Maryland InfantrDavid E. Wing (1839-1901)Company G74th Illinois Infantry<>3 - 16x



Allen Charles A. 1836-1906 Co. K, 16th Wisconsin Infantry
Allen Seth 1833-1921 Co. G, 169th Pennsylvania Infantry
Aurner Jacob 1939-1917 Co. K, 12th Kansas Volunteer Infantry
Bailey Lyman B. ABT 1826-ABT 1881 Unknown
Baker Pearson 1844-1931 7th Pennsylvania Cavalry
Buck Abram 1847-1923 32nd Illinois Infantry; 11th Illinois Cavalry
Burket Mark 1847-1906 33rd Iowa Volunteer Infantry
Burright Wesley B. 1843-ABT 1890 140th Illinois Infantry
Carder Horton 1840-1924 Co. A, 6th Iowa Infantry
Cole Chaplain Jesse 1840-1918 Chaplain, Co. B, 8th Wisconsin Infantry
Cottrill James 1842-1879 Company G, 14th Wisconsin Infantry
Darling Gilbert 1845-1920 9th Vermont Infantry
Davidson Hugh 1842-1909 Co. H, 17th Wisconsin Infantry
Earl Ezra Jackson (Jack) 1832-1901 Co. B, 9th Illinois Cavalry
Fisher Alfred ABT 1842-1885 Co. H, 20th Iowa Infantry &Co. K, 29th Iowa Infantry
Follet Charles J. ABT 1841-1899 Co. K, 74th Illinois Infantry
Fosburg Bennett O. 1843-1922 Co. K, 1st New York Light Artillery Battery
French Ephraim 1844-1908 Co. G, 146th New York Vol. Infantry
French James 1847-ABT 1925 Uncertain - resided in New York at time of service
Fritz Michael 1841-1890 Co. C, 26th Wisconsin Infantry
Granger Benjamin Franklin (Frank) ABT 1840-??? Co. F, 105th Ohio Infantry
Granger Trumbull (Trum) 1847-1908 21st Independent Battery, Ohio Light Artillery
Hardacre Joseph H. 1842-1903 Co. H, 8th Indiana Volunteer Infantry
Kellogg Edwin H. ABT 1840-ABT 1928 14th New York Infantry & Co. A, 5th U.S. Veteran Vol. Infantry
Kidson Frances 1843-1922 Co. E, 51st Pennsylvania Infantry
Knowlton Thomas Jefferson (Jeff) 1842-1918 Co. H, 44th Wisconsin Infantry
Knowlton Washington Irving (Irv) 1839-1911 Co. D, 2nd Colorado Cavalry
Lantz Henry Harrison 1840-1880 Unclear - possibly 4th Regiment, U. S. Infantry (Reg. Army)
McDougall Alexander 1842-1923 Co. G, 27th Wisconsin Vol. Infantry
Morrison Alexander 1833-1917 Co. I, 153rd Illinois Infantry
O'Meara James 1844-1928 Co. A 24th Iowa Infantry
Parker Frederick O. 1841-1917 Co. M, 2nd Ohio Heavy Artillery
Parsons Alfred W. 1836-1901 Co. A, 3rd Illinois Cavalry
Sherman Alanson 1829-1911 Co. I, 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry
Tarbox Charles P. 1846-1882 1st Wisconsin Cavalry
Taylor John J. 1824-1899 Co. G, 124th New York Volunteers
Thomas James 1830-1894 Co. H, 50th Wisconsin Infantry
Warfield Philo B. 1839-1920 7th Illinois Infantry
Welch Henry L. 1841-1925 Co. M, New York Heavy Artillery
Wells Simon 1835-1900 Co. C, 31st Iowa Infantry
West Gordon 1840-1932 Co. B, 18th Ohio Infantry & Co. G, 77th Ohio Infantry
Woodford Samuel DeForest (DeForest) 1835-1913 Co. I, 154th New York Infantry

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