Ireton High School was organized about 1887 and graduated its first class in 1890. Research indicates that it was the first public high school graduating class in Sioux County.  There were 830 graduates from 1890-1959.  A history of Ireton Schools may be found here.


The Ireton Area Historical Society has scanned its collection of graduation photos.  Unfortunately many of the early years are not represented.  If you have photographs of any Ireton graduates that are not shown here (much of 1890-1929 plus 1934), please contact the IAHS.  We would love to scan them and return them to you or, if you would like to donate the actual photos to the IAHS, we would welcome them in our collection.


A list of all Ireton graduation classes may be found below.  If you click on the "decades" link at the top, it will take you to a list of graduates by year during that decade.  If you click on a specific year, it will take you to graduation photos of that class.  If there is not a link for a year, the IAHS does not have graduation photos for that year.  For classes without graduation photos, the decades list contains some links to miscelleneous football, basketball, glee club, etc. photos of Ireton High School students.  There were not any graduates in 1893, 1901 and 1907.


Following the table of classes by year, there are links to a list of all Ireton graduates alphabetiezed by last name including graduation year and married last name (to the extent known).


We hope that you enjoy this look at some of the young people who represented Ireton so well.


Each year will open in a new tab so just close the tab when you are done with a year!


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