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Scroll past the photos for a list of veterans for whom we do not yet have photographs.  If you can provide a photograph of any of  them (or a military photograph of anyone not in uniform in their photo shown here), please contact the IAHS.


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Clarence ("Click") AnemaIreton, IowaU.S. Army (West Germany)Allan ("Bic") Bertram (1932-2006)U.S. Army (Korea)Lawrence S. ("Larry") ("Bert") BertramLancaster, CaliforniaU.S. Navy (U.S.S. President Jackson)Marion Byker (1931-1990)U.S. ArmyErlyn Cain (1932-1991)U.S. Army (West Germany)Donald D. ("Don") Coats (1931-1994)U.S. Army (Korea)Arlin Bruce ("Abe") Collins(1934-1981)U.S. Navy (Career including a tour in Vietnam)Leon C. ("Nick") Collins(1928-2014)U.S. ArmyDonald ("Don") CornishIreton, IowaU.S. Navy & ReservesConard De BoomSioux Center, IowaU.S. Army (West Germany)Alfred J. De JongIreton, IowaU.S. Army (Korea)Lloyd L. De Raad (1929-2012)U.S. Navy (1948-1953 and 1966-1988)Edwin De Vos (1933-1993)U.S. Army (Korea)Carlyle ("Swede") DirksOrange City, IowaU. S. Army (West Germany)Orville Albert ("Bert") DonovanWheatland, WyomingU.S. Navy (KASKAS Kia AC 29)Cletus E. Eilts (1928-1982)U.S. NavyLloyd EiltsIreton, IowaU.S. ArmyEugene EismaInwood, IowaU.S. Army (Japan)Jerald Feenstra (1927-1990)U.S. Army (Alaska)Herman A. GradertSibley, IowaU.S. Army (Korea)Ronald F. ("Ron") Heuer (1932-2005)U.S. Army (Korea)Elmer V. Holtkamp (1929-2011)U.S. Army (Korea)William ("Bill") KooiOrange City, IowaU.S. Army (Korea)Arven ("Arv") Koopmans(1931-2004)U.S. Army (Korea & Japan)Arend Kraayenbrink (1928-1999)U.S. Army (Korea)Gerrit J. KruidSioux Center, IowaU.S. Army (Korea)Edwin Meyer (1926-2008)U.S. Army (West Germany)John B. Miller (1931-2009)U.S. Air Force (England)Lowell G. Moeller (1932-2008)U.S. Army & ReservesVerlyn Dean ("Dean") Moeller(1932-2008)U.S. Army (Korea)Fred J. Mueller(1931-2013)U.S. Navy (USS Epperson)Loyce Onken (1932-1964)U.S. Army (West Germany)Edward V. ("Ed") Osterkamp(1930-2013)U.S. Army (Korea)Martin K. PrinsIreton, IowaU.S. Marine Corps (Korea)Harold Ronsiek (1927-1983)U.S. Army (Korea)Abraham ("Abe") SchieboutPipestone, MinnesotaU. S. Army (West Germany)Conn Schiebout (1928-2007)U.S. Navy (USS Iowa & USS Duncan)Herman Schiebout, Jr.Denver, ColoradoU.S. Army & U.S. Army ReservesPeter ("Pete") Schouten(1931-2009)U.S. Army (Korea)Raymond Lloyd ("Lloyd") Siders(1932-2009)U.S. NavyStanley C. ("Stan") SprikWorthington, MinnesotaU.S. ArmyMelvin Torwelle (1931-2006)U.S. Army (Korea)William ("Bill") Torwelle (1927-2000)U.S. Army (Japan) John Vande Kieft (1928-1995)U.S. Army (Korea)Wayne Vander Feen (1931-2008)U.S. Army (West Germany)Wallace Robert ("Wally") Vander Hamm(1930-2015)U.S. Army (Korea)Dick Vander Stoep (1928-2005)U.S. Army (Korea)Donald W. ("Donnie") Van WyheIreton, IowaU.S. Navy (USS Kankakee)Gordon ("Gordie") Van Wyhe(1928-2002)U.S. Army (Korea)Ralph Van WyheSalem, South DakotaU.S. Marine CorpsRaymond ("Ray") Van WyheHawarden, IowaU.S. NavyRobert ("Bob") ("Rips") Van WyheHawarden, IowaU.S. Navy (Guam)William D. ("Bill") Van WyheIreton, IowaU.S. Air Force(Career including tours in Morocco, Turkey & Vietnam)Marlin N. Walraven (1928-1951)U.S. Army (Korea)Killed in action near Cupa-Ri, North KoreaAlbert R. Westergard (1929-2001)U.S. Navy (USS Rendova)Carroll WinterfeldHawarden, IowaU.S. Army (Korea)Donald B. ("Don") Witt (1930-2001)U.S. Marine Corps & Reserves<>57 - 57x

De Groot Louis 1930-1980 U.S. Army Photo
Jacobs Orlan LeMars, Iowa Photo & Bio


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