NEWSLETTER June 1, 2017

Dear Residents,

            Well summer is finally here! I thought it was time for an update on our great City. There have been alot of happenings so I hope I don't forget anything.  

            The pool opens today. The hours and details are under the "To see  & Do" tab on this website. We have used some of the money left over from the fund raiser to purchase nonslip pads to go in the wet areas. They are a big improvement to the safety factor. We also had to purchase a chemical feed device that died after 18 years. It saves alot of money on chemicals and keeps the levels right. Hope everyone checks it out and takes advantage of the pool in the hot weather.

             The ballpark has had a major renovation and is something to be proud of. There have been changes to the dugouts, lowering them to access better view over them, canopies have been placed over the bleachers and they have all been freshly powdercoated. There has been a beautiful lawn chair area added, sprinkler system, alot of concrete poured for handicap accessibility and parking. There is a statute of a ball player carved out of wood and will have plaques around him to honor donors to the project. The dedication and tailgate party will be June 9 before the game from 5-7 and donations will be taken and put into a fund to help with upkeep on the park. I apologioze for not having pictures but this site is still under construction.

             K-30 running through town is currently under construction to repave it. The crew has been great with making sure everyone has access yet. It should be completed by mid July so be patient and respect their space. It will be great when it is done.

             Thanks to all that helped make the Memorial Day celebration a success. I was told it was the 1st time they almost ran out of food at the lunch in the Community Center.

             Finally a few housekeeping notes:

             Please mow your yard the 1st 2 times towards your lawn to keep grass off the streets from clogging the sewer system. Lawns should not get taller than 8 inches.

             Burn pile, leaf pile, grass pile and yard waste piles are available by the old sewer off of LaSalle. Please dump in appropriate piles.

             Register your golf carts at the city office. Motor vehicles are not to be operated on city strweets and alleys without a valid drivers license.

        Hope you have a great and safe summer.










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