Portrayals by Linda and Roger Broek


Marshall Elder, born in 1849 in Indiana, moved to Marshall County, Iowa as a child. In 1870, he and 3 friends embarked on a "Wild West Mission" travelling across the prairies of northwest Iowa in a lumber wagon drawn by a team of horses. They wound their way to Sioux County where they were able to claim a complete section of land (Sec. 8 - just east of the present town of Ireton). Many of the trees that M.M. planted on the east side of the section still exist.


Polly Stough was born in Ohio in 1854 and at the age of two moved with her family to Marshall County. She married M.M. Elder in 1872 and returned with him to Sioux County where they had 6 daughters, 4 of whom lived to adulthood. M.M.'s memories of pioneer days are recounted in "A History of Reading Township". To our knowledge there are no descendants remaining in the area.

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