The town of Ireton depends on the rural community surrounding it. Here are just a few photos of early life in the country.


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‚ÄčBreaking Prairie Sod in Sioux County. Circa 1890 photo.Preparing the land about 1920.Harvesting Grain on the Luder Twillman farm ....was work for the entire family.A horse powered grain reaper.Repair Skills were ValuableJ.F. Dittmer Hay Baler on Bertram Farm northwest of Ireton. Town of Ireton in Background. About 1910. Using a 1 cylinder Oil Pull Engine.Threshing crew in Reading township around 1900. Machine is August Vander Hamm's and Henry Vlotho's. Crew in front row is from left to right: 1st person, unknown; 2nd: George Ricklefs; 3rd: John Kemner; 4th, John Tieden.Unidentified threshing crew.John Siebels threshing machine with crew and women and children.Unidentified threshing crew.Threshing near Ireton about 1910.George Bartlett's threshing machine. Circa 1905.Bruce and Lynn Houlton; Bert (Herbert) Bailey; Flossie (Thomas) Houlton; Nettie (Houlton) and Bert (Herbert) Bailey with the electric wheel "all work" tractor.Stacks of small grain (oats and barley) in bundles (to "go thru a sweat")Art Bartlett's corn sheller at a country corn crib in 1942. Jack Bushby on left. Russ Grau (owner of the truck) on far right.Typical metal corn crib circa 1980.The corn piles up at the Ireton Farmers Co-op Elevator in the fall of 1980.Ireton is located in the "Corn Mountains".Bill Van Wyhe tends his potato crop about 1950.Working off the "poll tax" by road work in the 1930's.Old Corn Valley Post office on the northeast corner of Hwy 10 and Dogwood Avenue. (Burned about 2007).Timbers in the old Corn Valley Post Office.Constructing a barn on the R.A. Zimmerman farm on the west side of Section 21, Center Township, Sioux County, Iowa in 1918. Bill Reid, contractor is on the left in front. R. A. Zimmerman , owner is in front on the right. On the roof (left to right) are William Struck, Cort Struck, ? Grau and at far right, Jack Morrison.Sioux County farmers were into the cattle business early. Here cattle are at the bunker on the Robert Stewart farm. About 1905.An unidentified barn and cattle.Pioneer home on the Kooi-Noteboom farm in Eagle Township. South 1/2 of Section 14 in Eagle Township. Home converted to storage shed and since torn down.Louis Hennrich farm in Reading Township.Unidentified farm home.W.R. Winders Family - Lawn Hill Farm. Located in Sections 26 & 35, Eagle Township.Unidentified farm.Fred Bertram Family and their farm home in section 2, Reading Township. Early 1900's.Dick Johnson Farm in the early 1900's. Located in the Southwest quarter of Section 32, Reading Township.R.J. McDonald farm home in Section 22, Washington Township.Home in Section 1, Washington Township built by Percy Prescott, one of the original settlers. Believed to be the site of the first case of smallpox during the epidemic of 1881-1882.Hajo Onken family farm home in Reading Township."Heidbrink House" - moved out of Ireton using horses for power - 1936. Moved to Walter Witt farm in Washington Township. 37 days in the moving. George Jones, driver. Donald Witt, small boy.Creeks were the first source of rural water.Farm Windmill and large concrete water storage tank.A stave and rod-banded water supply tank on the "Old Mitchell Place" in Center Township. 7 miles north of Ireton on Eagle Avenue (K-30).C B. Houlton's horses show off extensive netting ...and so do their long-eared friends.Corn Picking time on the Houlton Farm.Robert ("Bob") Fritz with a team of horses and a wagon in 1938.Mabel Johnston (later Twillman) and friend on top of a wagon full of corn on a farm north of Ireton. Team and wagon in Ireton - probably in front of the Methodist Church (third church building). Nick Van Doos in his sulky circa 1910. A bobsled was a good idea in the winter, even in the 1930's ...When roads were often impassable. (Alice Van Whye with Billy and Phil)Grain elevator and railroad siding at McNally about 1940.Loading corn on a wagon at the elevator in McNally, about 1940.Ireton area farmers and businessmen head for the Chicago Stockyards with a load of livestock about 1900.Early train wreck (derailment) in the "lowlands" (Bertram's pasture) west of Ireton. Photo taken by railroad depot agent A.T. Stafford. Print made from a glass negative.Snow sometimes made it difficult for the train to get through.An extensive train derailment about 1900. Possibly west of Ireton.Remnants of roadway at the "Million Dollar Corner" (Intersection of Iowa Hwys. 10 & 75) after flooding on September 17, 1926Damage from the 1926 flooding.Damage near the Million Dollar corner after the 1926 flood.The C. H. Hagge Farm northeast of Ireton after the great tornado of May 3, 1895 in Center and Welcome Townships. The tornado killed 8 and injured many others. A successful rabbit hunt on December 7, 1917.Pheasant hunting in the 1930's.The "Century Tree" -- part of a "tree claim" planted by Marshall Elder in the 1870's. One mile east of Ireton. About 1990.<>49 - 62

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