Pictured below are 84 of the 138 Ireton Area Veterans on our World War I list.  If you have photos of any of the veterans listed below the photo section, the Ireton Area Historical Society would greatly appreciate it if you would provide a copy to them (and will add it to this page).  If you have a military photo of anyone who is in civilian clothes in the photos, the IAHS would also appreciate a copy of that photo.  If you would like biographical information on any of these veterans please e-mail the IAHS (you are also welcome to submit additional biographical information).


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Helmuth Becker(1896-1955)U.S. ArmyHenry Benit1894-1957U.S. ArmyEdward Bertram (1896-1918)Iowa National Guard & U.S. ArmyDied in service from Spanish InfluenzaW. Franklin ("Frank") Bowden1893-1980U.S. ArmyThys (or Thijs) Broersma1895-1978U.S. ArmyEdward R. Brown (1888-1918)U.S. ArmyDied of wounds received in battleHerbert M. Brown (1897-1972)Co. K, 2nd Div., Iowa National GuardRainbow Division, U.S. ArmyLeRoy Chenhall(1891-1991)U.S. ArmyEmery M. Cox (1888-1918)U.S. ArmyDied of wounds received in battleFred Crist Dannenbring (1894-1918)U.S. ArmyDied of wounds received in battleGeorge De Groot(1890-1986)U.S. ArmyAlbert C. DeRaad(1895-1957)U.S. ArmyIra J. DeRaad(1895-1962)U.S. ArmyElmer Dittmer(1894-1932)U.S. NavyMartin Dykshorn1896-1969U.S. ArmyFred Eilers (1893-1956)Co. K, 2nd Div., Iowa National GuardRainbow Division, U.S. ArmyWill Eilers(1896-1977)U.S. ArmyHenry B. Eilts(1890-1957)U.S. ArmyEarnest E. Gandy1891-1964U.S. ArmyIsaac Goin(1879-1957)U.S. NavyCharles Heidbrink(1895-1975)U.S. NavyHenry Heidbrink(1887-1962)U.S. NavyOtto Heien(1898-1984)U.S. ArmyGeorge Hemmingson(1892-1983)U.S. ArmyAlbert Holtdorf(1895-1969)U.S. NavyClarence Holtdorf(1891-1983)U.S. NavyJacob Hoogland(1892-1949)U.S. ArmyFay ("Fuzzy") Houlton (1898-1966)Co. K, 2nd Div., Iowa National GuardRainbow Division, U.S. ArmyBertram Howard(1894-1978)U.S. ArmyHerman Hulshof(1893-1972)U.S. ArmyThys (or Thijs) Broersma1895-1978U.S. Army27Carl Jackson (1893-1918)U.S. ArmyDied in service of Spanish InfluenzaFred Jahn, Jr.(1888-1959)U.S. ArmyAndrew P. ("Kelly") Johnson(1895-1960)Iowa National Guard & U.S. ArmyGeorge A. Johnson(1891-1947)U.S. ArmyRobert S. Johnson (1891-1918)Lieutenant, U.S. Army (Civil Engineer)Died in service of Spanish InfluenzaAlvin S. Karr(1895-1969)U.S. ArmyH. Arthur Karr(1891-1950)U.S. ArmyWyram Knowlton(1894-1969)U.S. NavyDaniel W. Kuecker(1892-1963)U.S. ArmyWilliam Lean(1896-1988)U.S. ArmyWilliam Lehrman(1894-1978)U.S. ArmyJacob Levering (1896-1918)U.S. Army, Mexican Border Svc & WWIDied of wounds received in battleAlbert Lindenman(1891-1984)U.S. Army Fred J. Marienau(1893-1971)U.S. Army Dr. Thomas E. McCaughan(1870-1939)U.S. ArmyDr. Charles ("Bert") McCrory(1888-1921)U.S. ArmyWilliam Miller (1894-1951)Co. K, 2nd Div., Iowa National GuardRainbow Division, U.S. ArmyDelbert Mitchell(1894-1976)U.S. ArmyEdwin L. ("Jake") Morrison(1896-1977)U.S. ArmyBastian Muilenburg(1895-1981)U.S. ArmyErnest Mulder(1895-1989)U.S. ArmyMilmer Nash(1894-1935)Rainbow Division, U.S. ArmyAdolph J. Opdahl(1893-1969)U.S. Navy Spencer Plumb(1898-1978)U.S. Navy Charles Reid (1898-1940)Co.K, 2nd Div., Iowa National GuardRainbow Division, U.S. Army Rodney Lee Reid(1889-1944)U.S. Army Henry Renken(1891-1982)U.S. Army George H. Ricklefs (1895-1918)U.S. ArmyDied in service of Spanish Influenza John Herman Ricklefs(1890-1953)U.S. Army Wylie J. Satterlee (1899-1970)Co.K, 2nd Div., Iowa National GuardRainbow Division, U.S. ArmyOrville Glenn Satterlee(1899-1990)U.S. Army Ernest Schmidt(1893-1956)U.S. ArmyFred Schuette(1890-1979)U.S. ArmyHarry Sewick(1884-1973)U.S. ArmyThys (or Thijs) Broersma1895-1978U.S. Army62E. Vincent Story(1892-1930)U.S. ArmySwan Emil Swanson(1896-1973)U.S. ArmyJohn L. Swanson(1893-1958)U.S. ArmyFrank Taylor(1888-1968)U.S. ArmyRalph E. Tefft(1889-1970)U.S. ArmyRichard Terpstra(1896-1978)U.S. ArmyJ. Calvert Tiflord(1895-1968) William Van Corbach(1893-1978)U.S. ArmyOscar Vander Hamm(1894-1966)U.S. ArmyRobert Vander Hamm(1896-1938)U.S. ArmyHenry Van Dyke(1898-1958)U.S. ArmyEdward Van Engen(1892-1974)U.S. ArmyJohannas ("Joe") Van Ravenswaay(1895-1986)U.S. ArmyPeter Visser(1895-1980)U.S. ArmyOtis Wandling(1894-1987)U.S. ArmyClark Wells(1883-1964)U.S. ArmyEarl Sherman Wells(1889-1957)U.S. ArmyCharles Westra(1895-1970)U.S. Army<>84 - 84


Atwood Elmer 1888-1967 ARMY
Baack Carl W. 1893-1954 ARMY
Biemers Paul "Smoke" 1896-1946 ARMY
Black Eugene W. 1896-1986 ARMY
Carter George M. 1893-1940 ARMY
Degen Edward F. 1894-1987 ARMY
Dirks Herman 1890-1962 ARMY
Ehlers Carl H. 1892-1987 ARMY
Erickson Henry 1893-1979 ARMY
Erickson Michael 1895-1970 ARMY
Fablinger Benjamin H. 1888-1971 ARMY
Flood William Garner 1886-1948 NAVY
Foulk Frank 1868-1944 ARMY
Geuder William ("Willie") E 1890-1958 ARMY
Goin Isaac Newton ("Ike") 1879-1957 NAVY
Grau C. Vernon 1896-1982 ARMY
Greigg Robert D. 1892-1945 ARMY
Hahn George L. 1898-1981 Iowa Nat'l Guard & Rainbow Div, ARMY
Hanneman Albert A. 1892-1945 ARMY
Hilton Everett J. 1895-1929 ARMY
Hoekstra Andrew 1890-1954 ARMY
Irwin Malcom R. ("Bob") 1897-1987 ARMY
Johnson David 1896-1964 ARMY
Jones Arthur ("Sam") 1894-1973 NAVY
Jones William A. ("Jim") 1891-1957 ARMY
Long Thomas Leo 1894-1952 ARMY
Marienau Otto 1898-1966 Iowa Nat'l Guard & Rainbow Div, ARMY
Marienau Walter 1896-1965 Iowa Nat'l Guard & Rainbow Div, ARMY
Miller Oswald T. 1892-1952 (unknown)
Morrison George 1888-1952 163 Depot Brigade, ARMY
Muth Edward C. 1897-1963 ARMY
Muth Joseph John 1895-1971 ARMY
Paris Verner Shelby 1890-1966 (unknown)
Punt John William ("William") 1895-1975 ARMY
Pylman Fred J. 1895-1980 (unknown)
Richardson Joseph 1895-1992 NAVY
Richardson Millard 1896-1979 ARMY
Sawyer Alfred 1898-1937 Iowa Nat'l Guard & Rainbow Div, ARMY
Schuel Peter 1894-1976 ARMY
Searles John E. ("Jack") 1893-1971 ARMY
Searles Roy S. 1891-1952 ARMY
Shoemaker Edward 1891-1927 ARMY
Starks Jess 1897-1970 ARMY
Stegeman Dirk Edmund 1896-1971 ARMY
Summers Raymond A. 1888-1961 ARMY
Thomte Casper 1888-1918 ARMY; died of pneumonia in service in France
Tilford Carlos E. 1896-1977 ARMY
Tweedy Leonard 1895-1956 ARMY
Tweedy Linfred 1898-1948 Iowa Nat'l Guard &
Twillman Adoph 1896-1971 ARMY
Twillman Henry Markus 1889-1969 ARMY
Vacura Dominik 1895-1979 ARMY
VanAmstel John J. Ploos 1895-1979 ARMY

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