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Scroll past the photos for a list of veterans for whom we do not yet have photographs.  If you can provide a photograph of any of  them (or a military photograph of anyone not in uniform in their photo shown here), please contact the IAHS.


If you notice any errors, please let us know.


Vernon Amundson (1922-2000)U.S. ArmyTheodore E. ("Ted") Ashley(1918-1996)U.S. ArmyEdward Barents (1920-1978)U.S. ArmyJohn Barents, Jr. (1917-2004)U.S. ArmyEdward G. Bergsma (1914-1999)U.S. Army Air ForcesRobert ("Bob") Bergsma (1920-1990)U.S. ArmyCharles Bertram (1927-1958)U.S. NavyRichard G. Bonnema (1923-2005)U.S. ArmyOwen ("Jack") Booth (1920-1984)U.S. NavyDean Bowden (1923-1965)U.S. NavyHomer Bowden (1921-2005)U.S. Marine CorpsThayne Bowden (1922-2014)U.S. Marine Corps Harley Wayne ("Wayne") Brown(1919-1989)U.S. Army Air Forces James M. Brown (1920-1993)U.S. Navy Robert Brunk (1920-1966)U.S. Army Joan Bruns (1915-1997)U.S. Army Gilbert Bruxvoort (1922-1979)U.S. Army Kenneth Charles Buck (1919-1999)U.S. Army Gerald F. Coats (1924-2000)U.S. Navy Ben Collins (1924-2001)U.S. Navy Robert ("Bob") Collins (1918-1980)U.S. ArmyEdwin ("Bill") Collins (1923-1974)U.S. Navy Cecil C. Cooper, Jr. (1920-2014)U.S. NavyRobert ("Bob") Cooper (1918-1943)U.S. ArmyKilled in action in New GuineaHerbert ("Bus") Day (1923-1983)U.S. Navy Herman Degen (1908-1983)U.S. Air ForceWW2, Korea & CareerJohn DeGroot (1907-1971)U.S. ArmyReuben DeGroot (1921-1978)U.S. ArmyElmer T. DeJager (1918-1995)U.S. ArmyHenry De Jong (1921-2010)U.S. ArmyCornelius ("Casey") Den Ouden(1925-2008)U.S. NavyLester M. DeSoto (1908-1976)U.S. ArmyWilliam A. ("Bill") De Vos(1921-2014)U.S. ArmyDudley ("Dan") DeVries (1909-1998)U.S. ArmyPaul DeVries (1924-1966) ArmyThomas DeVries (1922-2002) NavyFrank DeVries (1908-1994) ArmyRichard DeVries (1926-1965)U.S. ArmyWilliam T. ("Bill") DeVries(1918-1979)U.S. ArmyHoward Dirks (1916-1944)U.S. ArmyKilled in action in FranceLeonard Dirks (1920-1997)U.S. NavyDick Dirksen (1921-1988)U.S. ArmyHerman Dirksen (1921-1990)U.S. NavyMarlin Dittmer (1920-1997)U.S. NavyJohn W. Donovan, Jr.Sioux Falls, South DakotaU.S. ArmyRaymond J. Dougherty(1921-2013)U.S. NavyGuy L. Craik (1902-1924)Harold Draayer (1924-1977)U.S. ArmyJohn Draayer (1920-2010)U.S. ArmyGeorge Drost (1915-1992)U.S. ArmyWilbur G. Eilers (1922-1964)U.S. Army Air ForcesArthur Eilts (1911-1973)U.S. ArmyAllen Eisma (1923-1999)U.S. NavyBurton Eisma (1921-1990)U.S. ArmyEarnest ("Ernie") Eisma (1925-1967)U.S. ArmyPeter Eisma (1919-1996)U.S. ArmyAdrian EkdomSioux Falls, South DakotaU.S. ArmyStephen EkdomOrange City, IowaU.S. Coast Guard Leonard Feldhacker (1921-2005)U.S. Marine CorpsElder Ferguson (1908-1972)U.S. ArmyHerbert Harm ("Herb") Frerichs(1918-2012)U.S. ArmyDietrich Henry (Richard) Friedericks(1908-1976)U.S. ArmyRalph Gadbury (1919-2013)U.S. ArmyLloyd E. Gandy (1927-2003)U.S. NavyMelvin ("Mel") Gandy (1920-2002)U.S. Army Air ForcesKenneth ("Kenny") Goodmanson(1927-2008)U.S. NavyLewis ("Louie") Goodmanson(1907-1985)U.S. ArmyBernard Grau (1923-1995)U.S. NavyF. Elwood Grau (1919-1998)U.S. ArmyWilson Grau (1918-1996)U.S. Army Air ForcesRobert Griffith (1918-1977)U.S. Army Air ForcesWarren Griffith (1921-1954)U.S. ArmyLyle Gronemeyer (1916-1983)U.S. ArmyRobert C. Groom (1922-1994)U.S. Army Air Forces<>5 - 71


Bartlett Claude S. 1911-1983 U.S. Navy Photo
Bergsma Melvin 1916-1984 U.S. Army Photo
Boone Andrew J. 1915-1968 U.S. Army Air Forces Photo
Brandt Earl Hawarden, Iowa unknown Photo & Bio
Dougherty Donald C. 1924-1974 U.S. Navy Photo
Eilers Louis F. 1898-1978 U.S. Army Photo
Feenstra Theodore ("Ted") 1919-1999 U.S. Army Photo
Grantham Harley H. 1922-2012 U.S. Army Photo
Grau V. Russell 1920-1998 U.S. Army Photo
Greigg William 1923-1993 U.S. Army Photo

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