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Scroll past the photos for a list of veterans for whom we do not yet have photographs.  If you can provide a photograph of any of  them (or a military photograph of anyone not in uniform in their photo shown here), please contact the IAHS.


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Bonnie (Brodie) & John HassebroekBonnie (1921-2008) WACs & U.S. ArmyJohn (Sioux City, Iowa) U.S. ArmyVirgil HeidbrinkDallas, TexasU.S. ArmyLeland ("Lee") Hemmingson(1924-2015)U.S. Army Air ForcesRobert ("Bob") Hemmingson(1921-1992)U.S. NavyRichard ("Rich") Herwynen(1909-1964)U.S. ArmyWilbur ("Bud") Heuer (1914-1980)U.S. Army Air ForcesElmer Heusinkveld(Died 2015)U.S. ArmyIrwin Heusinkveld (1915-2005)U.S. NavyJohn Wesley ("Wes") Holtdorf(1922-1975)U.S. ArmyFred Holtrop (1927-2014)U.S. NavyLeslie("Les") Hout(1912-1955)U.S. ArmyGerrit Huenink (1921-1999) U.S. ArmyWilbur Huenink (1923-2007) U.S. ArmyMarvin Huenink (1926-2010) U.S. ArmyDonald Hughes (1927-2012)U.S. Army Air Corps, 1943-1945U.S. Air Force, 1950-1954Jacob ("Jake") Hulshof (1924-2010)U.S. Marine CorpsCecil Eugene ("Gene") Hutton(1923-2012)U.S. Marine CorpsDr. Ralph L. Irwin (1900-1974)U.S. NavyAlfred Janssen (1918-2008)U.S. ArmyJames ("Jim") Jasper (1912-1987)U.S. ArmyArthur C. ("A.C." or "Art") Johnson(1914-1998)U.S. NavyDuane M. Johnson(1922-2014)U.S. Army Ervin ("Erv") Johnson (1924-1969)U.S. Merchant MarinRaymond Johnson (1923-2006)U.S. NavyGerald A. Juffer (1924-2009)U.S. ArmyHerman G. Juffer (1926-2002)U.S. NavyPreston J. ("Pat") ( "P. J." ) Juffer(1922-1969)U.S. NavyTheodore A. ("Ted") Juffer(1921-2005)U.S. Coast GuardJ. Thurlow Karr (1916-1994)U. S. ArmyLyman Karr (1918-1987)U.S. ArmyWeston Karr (1920-2004)U.S. ArmyAlbert Herman Klave (1907-1978)U.S. ArmyWayne C. Knowles (1919-2005)U.S. Marine CorpsMartin Kramer (1925-1989)U.S. ArmyHerbert Krieger (1927-2001)U.S. NavyRobert A. ("Bob") Krieger (1925-2002)U.S. NavyLeonard KrommendykOrange City, IowaU.S. ArmyBernard ("Bernie") Krommendyk(1920-2009)101st Airborne, U. S. ArmyArthur Earl Larson (1915-1942)U.S. Navy (ABT 1938-1942)Killed in action when USS Preston sankLloyd Lawrence (1918-2007)U.S. ArmyRichard ("Dick") Lemke (1918-1996)U.S. ArmyCollin D. LeMondsEl Monte, CaliforniaU.S. NavyEdward Lienhart (1914-1970)U.S. ArmyDaryl C. Liston (1920-1998)U.S. NavyWesley Liston (1925-2005)U.S. NavyPeter Lockhorst (1927-1996)U.S. ArmyHarold Marienau (1917-1943)U.S. ArmyDied in service of pneumonia (Camp Hale, CO)Leonard ("Len") Marienau (1927-2013)U.S. ArmyNorman Marienau (1925-2008)U.S. ArmyWayne Marienau (1920-1998)U.S. Army Air ForcesMinderd Lige Mars(1919-2014)U.S. ArmyRussell ("Russ") Marshall (1924-2012)U.S. NavyBlanche McCrory Marshall(1910-2012)U.S. NavyJames M. McNally (1907-1997)U.S. NavyFrank Meier (1917-1981)U.S. ArmyRussell V. Meier (1914-2010)U.S. ArmyRichard Meyer (1914-2005)U.S. ArmyHarvey Millard (1918-1999)U.S. ArmyRalph Millard (1923-1965)U.S. Army Air ForcesJohn Walter ("Walt") Mitchell(1922-1982)U.S. Army Air ForcesKeith Mitchell (1928-2006)U.S. NavyKenneth MoellerEl Dorado Hills, CaliforniaU.S. NavyLawrence Mulder (1926-1966)U.S. ArmyWilliam Wallace ("Wallace") NanningaRenton, WashingtonU.S. ArmyCharles ("Charlie") Noon (1916-1971)U.S. NavyEmral ("Ole") Oloff (1924-2014)U.S. NavyJohn V. O'Meara (1917-2012)U.S. NavyLeonard O'Meara (1904-1957)U.S. ArmyMichael O'Meara (1909-1976)U.S. ArmyPaul O'Meara (1921-1994)U.S. ArmyRobert O'Meara (1924-2010)U.S. ArmyEdwin Onken (1916-1952)U.S. ArmyNorman Opdahl (1908-1975)U.S. ArmyJohn Orton, Jr.Hawarden, IowaU.S. Army Air ForcesJohn Peters, Jr. (1911-1991)U.S. ArmyVictor Peters (1909-1959)U.S. ArmyJack PingIreton, IowaU.S. Army Air ForcesRobert Ping (1925-2003)U.S. NavyArnold ("Rudy") Pluss (1923-2000)U.S. ArmyHoward Pluss (1919-2003)U.S. ArmyGerrit Postma (1917-2001)U.S. ArmyB. Stanley ("Stan") Reid (1922-1999)U.S. NavyDarrell Reid (1923-1983)U.S. NavyVernon Amundson (1922-2000)U.S. Army82Merle Reinking (1924-1985)U.S. NavyLorence ("Larry") Ricklefs (1922-2013)U.S. ArmyCarleton Rider (1915-2007)U.S. ArmyWW2 & CareerRobert W. ("Rocky") Rockwood(1924-2008)U.S. ArmyLeo C. Rohlfs (1917-1943)U.S. Army Air ForcesKilled during a training flightNorman Rohlfs (1914-1994)U.S. ArmyNorman A. Ronsiek (1926-2013)U.S. Army Air Forces<>89 - 89


Imbrock Fred 1908-1966 U.S. Army Photo
Johnson Alvin 1909-1960 U.S. Army Photo
Jones William Henry 1918-?? U.S. Army Photo & bio
Katz David B. 1912-1984 U.S. Army Photo
Richardson Robert 1918-1976 U.S. Army Photo
Rose Loren 1919-1975 U.S. Army Air Forces Photo
Ruden Walter 1921-1945 U.S. Navy Photo

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