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Scroll past the photos for a list of veterans for whom we do not yet have photographs.  If you can provide a photograph of any of  them (or a military photograph of anyone not in uniform in their photo shown here), please contact the IAHS.


If you notice any errors, please let us know.


Arthur Salberg (1910-1987)U.S. ArmyElmer Verd ("Verd") Satterlee(1911-1960)U.S. NavyM. Madge Satterlee Montgomery(1916-1973)U.S. Navy WavesJohn Schaap (1925-2014)U.S. ArmyBenjamin ("Ben") SchieboutOrange City, IAU.S. ArmyChristian ("Chris") SchieboutOrange City, IowaU.S. ArmyAndrew ("Andy") SchipperIreton, IowaU.S. NavyCornelius ("Mike") Schipper(1923-2002)U.S. ArmyDelbert ("Del") Schipper, Sr.(1915-2001)U.S. ArmyReuben Schipper (1921-1944)U.S. ArmyKilled in a tank infantry assault in eastern FranceClarence Schmidt (1915-1974)U.S. NavyDwain J. SchmidtRodney, IowaU.S. NavyMarvin Schmidt (1922-2011)U.S. Merchant MarineHubert John ("Jack") Schmitz(1925-1990)U.S. NavyLawrence L. SchullerIreton, IowaU.S. ArmyClarence Sinkey (1909-1986)U.S. ArmyWilliam ("Bill") Sinkey (1921-2000)U.S. NavyEarlo SmithSan Angelo, TexasU.S. ArmyJ. Harold Smith (1919-2006)U.S. NavyPhyllis Jane Smith Presler(1921-2011)U.S. Women's Army Corps (WACs)Taylor SmithSan Bernardino, CaliforniaU.S. Army Air ForcesTheodore ("Ted) ("Porky") Sneider(1919-1942) U. S. Army Air ForcesKilled in a training flight crashWarren Snieder (1925-2012)U. S. ArmyBonnie (Brodie) & John HassebroekBonnie (1921-2008) WACs & U.S. ArmyJohn (Sioux City, Iowa) U.S. Army24Walter Struck (1914-1998)U.S. Coast GuardLewis ("Swede") Talsma (1916-1998)U.S. Army Air ForcesDr. Wendel Taylor (1913-2004)U.S. ArmyWilliam Hiram Taylor (1918-1977)U.S. ArmyLawrence Ten Napel (1922-2000)U.S. Army Air ForcesMarion Ten Napel (1915-1989)U.S. ArmyWesley E. Thomas (1916-1945)U. S. ArmyCarl Tripp (1918-1995)U.S. ArmyEdward Tripp, Jr. (1916-1962)U.S. ArmyJohn Tripp (1914-1965)U.S. ArmyHarold Uthe (1914-1964)U.S. NavyArie Van Bruggen (1916-1975)U.S. ArmyTheodore ("Ted") VanBruggenOkoboji, IowaU.S. NavyEugene Vande BrakeMaurice, IowaU.S. NavyPeter Vande Griend (1946-1992)U.S. ArmyAdrian Vande Hoef (1922-1989)U.S. Army Air CorpsJohn Vande Kieft (1918-1998)U.S. ArmyAlvin "Knobby" Van Den Berg(1926-2012)U.S. NavyCornelius ("Cornie") Vanden Berg(1924-2008)U.S. NavyClellan L. Vander Hamm (1920-1979)U.S. NavyFrank Vander Hamm (1919-2010)U.S. ArmyLowell B. Vander Hamm(1922-2014)U.S. Army Air ForcesPaul Vander Hamm(1922-2015)U.S. ArmyRoland Vander Hamm (1916-1997)U.S. NavyGeorge Vander Tuig (1919-2007)U.S. NavyPaul Vander Ziel (1916-1965)U.S. ArmyKeith Van De Water (1919-1995)U.S. NavyLloyd Van De Water (1921-1995)U.S. NavyFred Van Dieren (1920-1991)U.S. ArmyJarold Van Donge (1924-2002)U.S. ArmyRaymond Louis Van Dyke (1922-2007)U.S. ArmyHoward G. Van Oort (1922-2009)U.S. ArmyArthur Van Roekel (1922-1973)U.S. Marine CorpsHenry Van Roekel (1918-1988)U.S. Army Air ForcesLouis Van Roekel (1917-1958)U.S. ArmyGeorge Van Schepen (1924-1997)U.S. ArmyJohn Van SchepenSouth Holland, ILU.S. ArmyPaul Van Schepen (1921-2003)U.S. ArmyJohn Truran Van Skike (1916-1984)U.S. Army Air ForcesTheodore ("Ted") Van Voorst(1922-2009)U.S. ArmyElmer Van Wyhe (1919-1980)U.S. NavyLawrence Van Wyhe (1913-1979)U.S. NavyWendell J. ("Tiny") Van Wyhe(1925-2008)U.S. ArmyLawrence Vellinga (1920-1981)U.S. ArmyMarion Vellinga (1918-1974)U.S. ArmyChaplain John Verbrugge (1909-1984)U.S. ArmyAnthony J. ("Tony") Ver Hoeven(1914-2009)U.S. ArmyDonald Ver Hoeven(1920-2015)U.S. ArmyHarold Vlieger (1926-1981)U.S. ArmyDavid Darwin ("Darwin") Walker(1912-1971)U.S. ArmyGilbert L. ("Gib") Wallenburg(1919-2004)U.S. ArmyBernard Walraven (1924-1992)U.S. NavyGerald C. Walraven (1927-1998)U.S. ArmyClarence Eugene ("Gene") Wells(1926-2010)U.S. ArmyLucius Allen ("Fred") Wells(1916-2002)U.S. NavyArmin Wessels (1923-1983)U.S. NavyLeonard Wessels (1921-1995)U.S. NavyJesse Westergard (1921-2010)U.S. ArmyWilliam Alvin ("Bill") White(1924-2005)U.S. NavyMorris Wills (1914-2001)U.S. Marine CorpsFred Zalme (1916-1977)U.S. ArmyRichard A. Zimmermann (1918-2007)U.S. NavyWW2 & Career<>10 - 86


Shuff Robert Nolan 1919-1993 U.S. Army Photo & bio
Tripp Francis 1925-2008 U.S. Army Photo & bio
VanderZiel Steven 1909-1971 U.S. Army Photo
Varenhorst Erwin 1918-2000 U.S. Army Photo
Yates Lloyd Seattle, WA U.S. Navy Photo & bio
Yates Wesley Davis, CA U.S. Navy Photo & bio

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