“Booming Sioux” – Sioux County 1883

In 1883, the Soux County Herald published a 7-part series entitled “Booming Sioux”.  It gives a picture of the county at that time as well as some history.

It was used as a tool to draw settlers to the county so it contains a bit of “puffery” but it is interesting to see how business owners and other residents recruited people to be their neighbors and customers and to grow their county.  After publication in the newspaper, the CHAPTERs were combined into a pamphlet used in attracting new residents. Between 1883 and 1900, the population of the county rose from about 8,000 to more than 23,000.

For reference, Pattersonville is the former name of Hull, Iowa.  “Eden, Dakota Territory” refers to what is now Hudson, South Dakota.

Part 1:  Introduction and History

Part 2:  Streams, Soil, Drainage, Herd Law, Climate & Health, Fuel, Timber, Price of Land, Stock Raising, Mails

Part 3:  Population, Schools, Immigration, Dairying

Part 4:  Towns and Businesses:  Calliope, Hawarden and Rock Valley

Part 5:  Towns and Businesses:  Pattersonville (Hull), Boyden and Hospers

Part 6:  Towns and Businesses:  Maurice, Ireton and Orange City

Part 7:  Town of Alton and its businesses; Why Farming pays