Peacetime Veterans (1919-1940)

After World War I, the United States remained at peace for more than 20 years. Despite Germany’s advancements in Europe and other signs of the trouble to come, the United States did not institute a new draft until September 1940 and did not declare war until after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

The Ireton Area Historical Society could identify only two Ireton area men who served in the 1920’s:  Guy Craik and Roland Satterlee.  Guy Craik served in the Army for several years before graduating from Ireton High School in 1924.  Roland Satterlee spent more than 4 years in the Navy including several trips to the Phillipines before settling down in Ireton where he operated a drug store and assisted his father in the Ireton Funeral Home.

Although several others entered the service in the 1930’s, they all served in World War 2 and are included in that section.