World War II (A-G)

Scroll past the photos for a list of veterans for whom we do not yet have photographs.  If you can provide a photograph of any of  them (or a military photograph of anyone not in uniform in their photo shown here), please contact the IAHS.

If you notice any errors, please let us know.


Bartlett Claude S. 1911-1983 U.S. Navy Photo
Bergsma Melvin 1916-1984 U.S. Army Photo
Boone Andrew J. 1915-1968 U.S. Army Air Forces Photo
Brandt Earl Hawarden, Iowa unknown Photo & Bio
Dougherty Donald C. 1924-1974 U.S. Navy Photo
Eilers Louis F. 1898-1978 U.S. Army Photo
Feenstra Theodore (“Ted”) 1919-1999 U.S. Army Photo
Grantham Harley H. 1922-2012 U.S. Army Photo
Grau V. Russell 1920-1998 U.S. Army Photo
Greigg William 1923-1993 U.S. Army Photo