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Pleasant Hill Cemetery

The Ireton Area Historical Society has recently finished mapping all of the graves in Pleasant Hill Cemetery and has created an index to grave locations.  There are more than 2,250 graves.  Special thanks to City Administrator Carol Liston for her assistance in indexing the graves.

How to use:

1.  Locate the name of the grave you seek in the index.  They are indexed by last name.  If you do not know the married name, use the “Maiden Name Index” to find the married name(s).

2.   Just to the right of the names in the index is a section name (2 or 3 letters), row number and then plot number.  Find the correct section and row number on the map below and click on it.  It will take you to the map with the grave you seek.   Then use the row numbers to locate the grave.  Red Means they have a gravestone; blue means burial but no stone; green means living (usually a spouse whose name is already on the stone); and black is informational (purchased lot, no burial, etc.).

3.  Rows do not always run true – some  have 2 numbers.  We based the row numbers on ones previously used in the Iowa Gravestone Project.

4.  ALL rows are numbered from East to West beginning at Eagle Avenue on the East and running toward Main Street.

5.  The row numbers on the map photo are hyperlinks — they just don’t look like it.  Just click on the appropriate number and the map will open in a new tab.

6.  Burials are arranged within plots primarily by familial relationship not necessarily geographically.  You will need to visit Pleasant Hill if you want to see exactly what order the graves are in.

7.  If you have questions or find any errors or omissions, please contact the Ireton Area Historical Society.

8.  If you wish to purchase a plot, please contact the City Administrator.

9.  Sections SW, CW and NW are not yet plotted.

10.  Many photos may be found on our Military History Pages and our Ireton High School Graduates pages.

11.  We have linked to obituaries currently on the Sioux County GenWeb site.  As they add more Pleasant Hill obituaries, we will provide additional links.  As time permits, we will also be adding obituaries.  If you are looking for a particular obituary, contact the Ireton Area Historical Society and we will prioritize adding it (if we can locate it in the newspaper database).  We hope to add links to gravestone photos in the late fall of 2015.  In the meantime, you may find gravestone photos at the Iowa Gravestone Project.

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Index to Graves


A     B     C     D     E     F     G     H     I     J     K     L     M     N     O     P     Q     R     S     T     U     V     W     X     Y     Z

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Maiden Names


A – E  •  F – K  •  L – R  •  S – Z

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Cemetery Maps

Rows 8-15
Rows 1-17
Rows 11-15
Rows 6-10
Rows 1-5
Rows 55-59
Rows 50-54
Rows 45-49
Rows 7-11
Rows 1-6
Rows 11-15
Rows 1-10
Rows 40-44
Rows 33-39
Rows 25-32
Row 24.5
Rows 38-41
Rows 31-37
Rows 24-30
Rows 18-23
Rows 10-17
Rows 1-9
Rows 42-46
Rows 35-41
Rows 30-34
Rows 25-29
Rows 20-25
Rows 14-20
Rows 7-13
Rows 1-6
Rows 19-24
Rows 13-18
Rows 5-12
Rows 0-4