Veterans Project

In May 2010, the Ireton Area Historical Society (IAHS) embarked on a project to collect photographs and information about military veterans and current service members with ties to Ireton.   Since that time we have assembled a list of approximately 700 veterans and have collected photos of more than 570 of them.  You may view the results on our Military History page.

This is an ongoing project.  We update our “Memory Albums” when we learn of a veteran’s death, when we discover a new veteran and when we obtain new information about current members of the military or about veterans already included in the project.

Veterans from the Civil War to the present day are included.  They served in war and peace, in the regular military and in the Guard.  To be included, they must have some tie to Ireton or Reading, Washington, Eagle or Center Townships (we have included residents, former residents, spouses, grandchildren, etc.)

The Ireton Veterans Memorial is beautiful and a fitting tribute to all veterans but does not include names of individual veterans.  The Memory Album project allows us to provide more information about each veteran than would be revealed by a simple name in granite (it is also a lot easier to correct mistakes).

If you know of a veteran who is not on our list or if you can provide a photograph or additional information about a veteran, please contact the IAHS or submit one of the forms listed below.  We want the Albums to be as inclusive and complete as possible so please do not hesitate to submit information.

Living Veterans Form

Deceased Veterans Form