Ireton Walking Trail

Not too long ago, a small group of dedicated Ireton citizens began meeting to discuss the possibility of a walking trail in our community.

The small group overcame many hurdles including securing funding, location and recruiting volunteers.  Once word spread, many individuals and organizations in the community provided support for the trail.

Today, thanks to numerous hours of volunteer work and much financial support, nearly a half mile of trail is in place along the north side of our community.

Take the opportunity to check it out!  Enjoy the sights and sounds along the creek. Chances are very good you will see a neighbor or two while you are there

The Walking Trail is now complete from the Superstop to the Westview addition.  In addition, there is a new sidewalk providing access to the trail from about 1st & Oak.

The Walking Trail Committee and City of Ireton thank the Sioux County Community Foundation for a $5,000 grant to enable completion of the latest phase of the Trail!

Special thanks to Sioux County for its grant of $15,000 over 3 years to complete the next phase of the trail.